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San Luis Obispo Family Law & Divorce Attorney

If you face a family law problem, what are the qualities you want in a lawyer? For many people, it comes down to two key attributes:

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    The willingness, knowledge, and ability to fight for a client's interest in a determined and effective way.

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    Knowing how to listen. Understanding the high emotional stakes that accompany divorce and family law issues.

At the Law Office of Diane M. Itzenhauser, APC, we offer clients an effective combination of both of these qualities: An attorney and legal team who know how to achieve results and care about each and every client we serve.

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About Our Attorney

With more than 19 years of experience, San Luis Obispo divorce lawyer Diane M. Itzenhauser is prepared to handle a broad range of family law matters, including divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, paternity, grandparent visitation and guardianships.

She is an experienced courtroom advocate and an understanding ally. She will work with you personally to help you understand your rights and options, and to guide you through the legal process.

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Full-Service Family Law Firm

Whether you face a contentious divorce dispute or simply need to file divorce papers and want them handled by a skilled attorney, our law firm is prepared to address your needs. We work to help our clients resolve their family law disputes in an amicable, cost-effective manner through negotiation or mediation whenever possible. When courtroom litigation is necessary, we are always prepared.

Clients testimonials

  • “Diane and her team provided the most professional, compassionate service I could have asked for. Her detailed knowledge of the law and the local court system were invaluable. Thanks Diane!”
    Tom T.


  • “Diane and her staff have worked closely with me on a complex custody case for the past few months. They have been phenomenally responsive throughout. Diane and her staff have been immediately available to me to answer all questions and to advise me. Diane achieved what others believed insurmountable with a skill and insight that was truly exceptional. I cannot say enough about how impressed I have been regarding her approach to my case, her understanding of family law, her familiarity with the system, her flexibility in a dynamic situation, and her courtroom expertise. In addition Diane and her staff have been willing to work collaboratively with me and my family in innovative ways which is not often the norm. This is a superb lawyer and law firm with the utmost of competence and integrity.”
    Pete C.

    Child Custody and Visitation

  • “It has truly been an awesome experience for my wife and I to witness your handling of T-----‘s divorce. You have demonstrated compassion and understanding when things were emotionally charged. You have demonstrated an excellente, well seasoned skill set for Family Law that makes us so glad T----- found you and engaged your services. In addition, you have allowed us to participate where needed and allowed me to assist in the financial analysis of the process. And your staff has been very receptive and pleasant to us. The process dragged out longer than I think any of us expected, and I show how you expressed your concerns to opposing counsel whenever T---- expressed her frustration over unnecessary delays. Said somewhat in humor, we felt at times T----- had unleashed her Doberman-backed counsel when it became necessary to move things along. We proudly assure you if referrals or references are ever needed, we stand ready to deliver them. You provide a very valuable service to the community. THANKS for all you do in this community to help folks move through a very tough time in their lives. ”
    Scott S.

    Divorce and Spousal Support

  • “Diane Itzenhauser is an amazing person and an outstanding attorney. I had the fortunate opportunity to work for Ms. Itzenhauser for about a year. Prior to working for her I had worked for a couple law firms and since working for her I have interned at several law firms. Ms. Itzehauser is by far the most brilliant, ethical, professional, and passionate attorney that I have ever met. I personally witnessed Ms. Itzenhauser interact with clients and work on their cases. She works zealously for each and every one of her clients. She goes above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Ms. Itzenhauser to anyone in need of a family law attorney. She is unquestionably the best. Ms. Itzenhauser motivated me to go to law school and I am now in my third and final year. She is not only a brilliant attorney but also a kind and compassionate person.”
    Ashley L.

  • “I know we are not through this yet, but I wanted to thank you in the process. Thank you for being so professional, educated, knowledgeable and fair. You rock!”


  • “It is really difficult selecting an attorney and putting your life in some else’s hands, especially when you have some challenging issues, time constraints and are not living close to where the services are needed. It was a particularly spressful time too, so when we found such a professional, caring, knowledgeable, respectful and tenacious attorney with Ms. Itzenhauser, we were particularly grateful. She worked hard to reach such a positive result for our case which we are so thankful. This was my first experience with a law office, so I’m relieved it went so smoothly.”
    Gayle V.

    Child Support