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At the Law Office of Diane M. Itzenhauser, APC, we handle a broad range of family law issues for clients in San Luis Obispo and throughout the surrounding areas. The scope of our family law practice includes:

Our clients are people who have a lot at stake. They face critical matters such as divorce, property division, child custody disputes, child support, adult incapacitated child support, spousal support, grandparent visitation, mediation, domestic violence restraining orders and same sex marriage issues. They want to be sure these matters are handled properly, so their interests and the interests of their most precious loved ones are protected.

We understand the high stakes of family law issues. We know that legal actions today will likely affect you for the rest of your life. At our law firm, we give each and every client our best because we know what is at stake.

Whether your needs are limited or broad, we can provide you with the skilled services you need.
We offer four levels of service to fit your requirements.


If you want to put everything into the hands of your attorney so you don’t have to handle hearings alone, contact opposing counsel or the opposing party if they do not have counsel, or worry that you’ve completed all of the necessary steps, full-scope representation is the right choice for you. The services for full-scope representation include:

  • Preparation and filing of legal documents
  • Legal advice
  • Contact with opposing counsel/opposing party
  • Representation at hearings/trial

The substantive decisions are yours to make, but with full-scope representation we handle all of the details.


Not all family law cases require full representation, which can be costly. Many of our clients have more limited needs and only need a lawyer for isolated services. Maybe you need:

  • Representation at a single hearing
  • Representation for a single issue

If you only need representation for a limited time, or for a limited issue, limited scope representation may be for you.


If you feel confident representing yourself, but want to make sure you fully understand each step in the process, how to fill out your paperwork correctly and obtain advice on strategies, ghostwriting may be for you. The services for ghostwriting include:

  • Legal advice
  • Assisting you in completing legal forms
  • Preparation of legal documents in your name
  • Drafting letters and declarations in your name
  • Coaching to help you prepare to represent yourself at court

Ghostwriting can be a cost-effective alternative for those who are not engaged in a complex or high-conflict case. Remember, even seemingly small issues should be handled with care to avoid unnecessary future conflicts and expenses. With ghostwriting we will provide as little or as much help as you need to get you through this tough time.

Legal Advice

You may only need advice either on a single issue or on an ongoing basis while you represent yourself. We can help you with that as well! Advice can include:

  • Coaching to help you prepare to represent yourself at court
  • Explanation and guidance on a single issue

Whatever level of service you need, we are here to help.